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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where are you planning on building the new Shelby County Animal Shelter & Adoption Center?
    On County donated land at 840 Gearhart Road in Sidney across the street from Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  Click Here for Sidney Daily News Article

  2. How did you arrive at the budget for the project?
    The estimated total budget for the new state of the art Shelby County Animal Shelter & Adoption Center is $2.4 million.  We acquired Shelter Planners of America to conduct a Needs Assessment Study.  From that Needs Assessment Study SPA was able to then calculate size & design the layout of the new facility.  The new Shelter will include a number of amenities including a Welcome Center & Reception Area, Indoor & Outdoor Get Acquainted Play Areas, Public Restroom, SCARF Community Outreach Center, Courtyard, Grooming Station, Proper Quarantine Area, Food Prep & Laundry Areas & so much more.  It will be constructed with quality materials and ventilation systems, advanced technological equipment, infectious disease prevention features, acoustic design to control for barking and the largest possible animal housing areas to reduce stress on the animals.

  3. How will the two partners operate & manage the new facility together?
    The County will continue to own, operate and maintain the new facility as they currently do for the old Shelter.  SCARF will continue our working partnership to support the animals housed at the Shelter with Vet care along with the needed supplies to keep the pets healthy & adoptable. We like to say that the County does the "have to" while the Foundation (SCARF) raises the money for the "want to".

  4. Why is SCARF committed to staying LOCAL with the build?
    We believe it is fair to say that this is a community wide project and that Shelby County has more than experienced companies that are able to do the job.
    Current List of LOCAL Companies
    • Freytag & Associates Inc. Architects & Engineers
    • 1157 design concepts - Donor recognition
    • Behr Design - new logo, Campaign collateral & website 
    • Western Ohio Cut Stone - Donor bricks

  5. Why should donors have confidence investing in this project?
    Our past history has shown that we are good stewards of our donors giving.  We are all Volunteers who are upstanding individuals & leaders within our Community.  SCARF is a Proud Member of Sidney/Shelby County Chamber.

  6. Will SCARF be able to reach its campaign goal?
    Absolutely YES!  Our Board, Committee members, Advisers & Volunteers are as committed to seeing this project through as we are & have been 100% committed to our mission to help ALL of the adoptable animals housed at the Shelby County Animal Shelter.

  7. Why not just remodel the current Shelter?
    The cost to make the needed upgrades would not be that beneficial to the animal care areas.  Plus we would still have a Shelter that is too small, on a dead end road and next to the waste water treatment facility.

  8. Once the money is raised how long will it take to build the new facility?
    3 to 4 months to prepare the Construction Documents.  1 1/2 to 2 months to bid, prepare contract and acquire permits.  8 to 10 months to construct.  So the total from start to finish is 12 1/2 months to 16 months.


*The following questions have been answered collectively by the Shelby County Commissioners

  1. Can the County sustain a larger operation?
    We feel that with the energy system upgrades, new energy efficiency windows, doors, lighting and so forth we believe that there will be a slightly higher cost than operating our current facility but that the impact will be minimal.

  2. What will happen to the old Shelter?
    The current shelter once the new shelter is opened may be used by another County Agency if need be or may possibly be sold off if it is deemed no longer needed by the County.  There are no definite plans at this time.

  3. What is the current value of the donated landed?
    With current market value of rural land we feel that appox. $8,000.00 per acre would be a fair price range and that there is almost 4 acres involved so the area of $30,000.00 would be a close estimate.

  4. Why cut down all of those trees?
    We would only be cutting down trees that would be in the way of the new building and parking lot areas. It  is our hope to keep as many of the trees standing as possible.  Scrub brush and small trees that would be in the way of outdoor dog runs and play areas may also need to be trimmed and possibly removed however we are looking at that to be minimal.

  5. What happens when regime changes hands in regards to the Commissioners & those new Commissioners do not make the Shelter a priority?
    While our current Commissioners have more interest in the Animal Shelter than previous Commissioners, we are all tasked with the responsibility to care for neglected and abandoned dogs in our community. In the past, the community itself has demanded that the County take on the task of cats as well. I do not see the Community’s attitudes changing on this issue and the Commissioners respond to the best of their ability financially to respond to the Community’s priorities.

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