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Quotes from Community Leaders
Concerning SCARF & the NEW Shelter


"As a dog and cat owner myself, I understand first-hand how meaningful it is to have pets in your family home. Pets enrich our lives and yes, we enrich theirs as well. Regrettably not all dogs and cats are fortunate enough to have a loving home. For those awaiting that perfect match, I applaud SCARF and their efforts to build a new shelter and adoption center in Shelby County. The new center will not only be larger, but heated, air conditioned, and constructed with disease resistant materials. A quarantine room has been incorporated into the new design to control the possible spread of disease from animals taken in by the shelter. With the ultimate goal of finding a home for all dogs and cats needing one, the adoption process will be enhanced by a dramatically improved environment at the new center. If able, I hope you’ll please consider supporting this noble capital campaign."


- Jeff Raible, Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce


“As a former Marine dog handler and instructor I am very familiar with how dogs should be taken care of when in a kennel environment. If you are in doubt there is a need for a new Animal Shelter, I would suggest visiting our current Shelter, this is no place for animals to be housed and is even unsuitable for our staff to work in. We need a new shelter that is conducive to having a positive environment for the animals while being housed and waiting for adoption and that is also suitable for visitors to come to. We need a place where the public and the animals can meet in a healthy atmosphere, which will be both positive for the animals and their prospective new owners. Asking for a new Animal Shelter is not a want but a need. Please support SCARF and help provide our abandoned animals a new Shelter”. 


- Chief Deputy James Frye, Shelby County Sheriff's Office


"The need for a new animal shelter and pet adoption center for Shelby County is truly a very serious and required part of our day to day lives here in Shelby County. We are mandated by The Ohio Revised Code to license and care for stray dogs within Shelby County. We are also mandated to investigate reported cases of animal abuse and neglect and we must have a way to care for these animals. We currently have a very small outdated facility that is landlocked in its current location and is in need of many repairs and updates. A new facility will most definitely be a huge assist to our volunteers and employee’s to meet the ever increasing demand on our resources to accomplish the goals of a no kill pet adoption facility."


- Bob Guillozet, Shelby County Commissioner


"While the biggest expansion in the NEW Shelter will be dedicated to the dog and cat areas we are also excited to be adding many more areas that will serve the community and staff including a much larger welcome center and reception area, public restroom, get acquainted room, grooming station and exam room, an office for the dog warden, a record room and a proper quarantine area. One of the most exciting additions to this NEW Shelter will be the 500 square foot SCARF Community Outreach Center. This Center will be used for low cost spay and neuter clinics, low cost pet vaccine and microchip clinics and dog obedience classes. There will also be areas for staff training, Board meetings, SCARF fundraising events and so much more."


- Eric Barr, SCARF President


"The project is needed to provide better care for the sheltered animals, but also a better work environment which ultimately helps employees provide the best care and in turn provides for the best chance of adoption.  When the community, and in particular SCARF works hand in hand with a governing agency to deliver the best possible services to the citizens,  that is the best scenario for a very favorable outcome."

- Tony Bornhorst, Shelby County Commissioner





"People really do want to help the animals at the Shelter. They’ve been helping in so many ways currently and we will be able to multiply that by so many times when we have the NEW Shelter and hopefully with more help we’ll be able to get more animals adopted."


- Deputy Kelli Ward, Dog Warden





"It truly is a team effort between myself, the County Commissioners, Shelter staff and SCARF to help care for all of the animals in the Shelter on a daily basis. This campaign will only help to enhance those efforts and provide worthy care for many years to come."

- Sheriff John Lenhart




"When SCARF approached me and my fellow Commissioners Tony Bornhorst and Bob Guillozet with a request for County land to be donated for the project, it was without hesitation we all agreed this was a needed and worthwhile project."

- Julie Ehemann, Shelby County Commissioner


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