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Building a PAWsitive Future...
A Campaign to build a new Shelby County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center


To ensure that Shelby County can continue to provide the care and support that animals require and need, the time has come to support building a new Animal Shelter.


This new state of the art Animal Shelter and Adoption Center will allow SCARF and Shelter staff to give HOPE to more of the abandoned and abused animals of Shelby County.


It will be a much more comfortable facility for both dogs and cats until they find their loving forever homes. It will also help to provide better services, increase adoptions and engage more volunteers.


The current Shelter, built in 1971 and expanded in 1998, is no longer able/adequate to serve the needs of our growing pet population.  It is literally busting at the seams.

SCARF Pawsitive Capitol Building Campaign for Shelby County Ohio Anaimal Shelter

Features of the NEW shelter will include:

  • Welcome Center & Reception Area with Re-Tail Shop
  • Indoor Get Acquainted Room & Outdoor Get Acquainted Play Areas
  • Public Restroom
  • Puppy Room
  • Spacious and Expanded Dog Kennel Area
  • Spacious and Expanded Cat Area
  • Grooming Station and Exam Room
  • SCARF Community Outreach Center
  • Heated Kennel Floors
  • Proper Food Storage and Food Kitchen
  • Proper Quarantine Area
  • Heavily Insulated Pet Doors
  • Kennel Floors with a finish that will provide for easier cleaning and dramatically cut down on the spread of the disease
  • Proper Laundry Area
  • Courtyard
  • Staff Restroom and Shower
  • Staff and Volunteer Locker Area
  • Dog Warden Office
  • Records Room/Additional Office Space
  • Enclosed Carport for Shelter Vehicles
  • Central Power Washer


SCARF Pawsitive Future Building Campaign Information Graphic

Our Campaign Goal is $2.4 million
When this goal is reached the NEW state of art Shelby County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center will be constructed at 840 Gearhart Road in Sidney. At just over 8,100 square feet the NEW Shelter will have twice the space as the current one.  The new dog kennel & cat areas will be much brighter, with natural light, and will be constructed of material that helps with noise control.  This will help to provide an atmosphere that is less stressful for the animals.

Let's build it FOR THE ANIMALS!!!

The County and SCARF compliment each other in many ways. While the County does the “have to” the Foundation raises the money for the “want to”. By donating time and money for this much needed new facility, SCARF continues in its effort to save 100% of the adoptable animals at the Shelby County Animal Shelter.

Together we are Building a PAWSitive Future!

  • Shelby County Animal Shelter & Adoption Center

  • Site Location of NEW Facility

  • Welcome Center & Reception Area

  • Dog Kennel Area

  • More Dog Kennel Area

  • Puppy Room

  • Cat Area

  • Cat Condos

  • Get Acquainted Room

  • SCARF Community Outreach Center

  • Courtyard

  • Pressure Washer Deep Cleaning Unit

  • Professional Grooming Tub

  • Kennel Floor Finish

  • Insulated Pet Doors

  • Professional Laundry Room

  • Shelby County Animal Shelter built in 1971, w/an addition in 1998

  • Current Lobby

  • Current Office & Administrative Area

  • Current Inside Dog Kennel

  • Current Outdoor Kennel

  • Current Dog Kennel Floor (A harbor for bacteria that spreads disease)

  • Current Dog Kennel Area

  • Current Puppy Room

  • Current Cat Area

  • Current Cat Cages (to small, etc..)

  • Current Laundry Area

  • Current Food Storage & Prep Area

  • Current Food Storage & Prep Area 2

  • Current Storage & Multi-Purpose Room

  • Current Storage & Multi-Purpose Room 2

  • Current Restroom (Only unit for both employees, volunteers & patrons)


Click here for NEW Shelter site plan

Click here for NEW Shelter floor plan


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Special THANKS to Rick Stull @ Media Explosion,
Picture Perfect Photos & Designs
& Kim Faris @ B945



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Requests for qualifications for services of architect: (02.08.17)

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