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Happy Tails


Happy Tail 12.8.17

Owner's Name: Shelby Krllems
Pet's Name: Lilly
City: Casstown, Ohio

We love Lilly. She is so sweet and lovable. Got her for a playmate for another pup. They are doing great!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 11.9.17

Owner's Name: Mark Dowty
Pet's Name: Dodge
City: Piqua, Ohio

We adopted Dodge almost 2 yrs ago. He was a puppy then and the animal shelter named him Pipsqeak. He is an awesome boy and we Love him so much! He is very happy and spoiled rotten lol.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 11.9.17

Owner's Name: Susan Magoteaux
Pet's Name: Mae
City: Greenville, Ohio

We had just had our 14 yr old cat put down shortly before Mothers Day.  My daughter, who lives in Sidney, decided to surprise me with a cat for Mothers Day.  Mae was at the shelter along with her kittens.  She decided on the older cat.  It was a great choice.  Mae lives in the lap of luxury now, canned food, dry food, treats, and a cat brother to torment.  She's a sweet, beautiful girl and we love her very much.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 11.8.17

Owner's Name: Charlie & Jeannie Jaques
Pet's Name: Gracie
City: Sidney, Ohio

We adopted Gracie in February 2007. She is the sweetest dog you could ever meet.  We love her to pieces💕 She is 11 years old now.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 9.12.17

Owner's Name: Rhonda Motter
Pet's Name: Cosmo
City: Plain City, Ohio

I adopted our Cosmo in Sidney Ohio while visiting my son who lives in Sidney.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 8.28.17

Owner's Name: Jessica
Pet's Name: Charlie
City: Trenton, Ohio

Mike and I welcomed Charlie to our home August 20, 2016. Charlie is a prefect medium sized dog who loves to give smooches and has a drive to work and go, go, go! He is very obedient (after training) and I now take him to agility classes, which he loves. We are so grateful to have Charlie-he keeps us laughing and gets us up on time (5:45am sharp ugh)!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 8.21.17

Owner's Name: Jared & Alissa Wesbecher
Pet's Name: Ginger
City: West Milton, Ohio

We have loved every minute having Ginger be a part of our family! She loves to play with her toys and cuddle with whoever will pet her. The staff at the shelter are knowledgeable about their animals and passionate about finding animals their forever homes!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 7.13.17

Owner's Name: Jaclyn Covington
Pet's Name: Ellie Mae
City: Sidney, Ohio

Last summer, I made slideshows to play on the Sidney Auto Vue Drive in screen advertising all the animals up for adoption on a weekly basis. When visiting the shelter last April to meet the animals, I met Ellie (then called Sandy). I know it sounds cliché but I instantly fell in love and I knew I couldn't leave without filling out an application. The next day, I went and adopted her. We went straight to the pet store, bought lots of new toys, got a nice bath, and then came home to start a new life! Our favorite activities include swimming, playing in the backyard, going for walks, and eating ice cubes. Ellie also loves being held like a baby! Since April 2016, we've gone through a ton of toys, a few dog beds, and 2 crates but April 15, 2016 will always be the day I adopted my best friend! Thank you Shelby County Animal Shelter for taking good care of all the animals while they await their forever homes.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 6.26.17

Owner's Name: Joe & Nicole Laber
Pet's Name: Sweetie Pie
City: Troy, Ohio

Sweetie Pie found herself at the Shelby County Animal Shelter this spring which must have been quite the scary place for an older, blind little girl.  She was very listless, and wouldn’t move at all there.  As members of SCARF’s Board of Directors, we are at the Shelter quite often and happened to see Sweetie there.  She looked almost exactly like the Shih-tzu we already had.  Well, being the animal lover that I am, I couldn’t just leave her in that environment so I made my husband let me bring her home as a temporary foster.  We
were really hoping a Shih-tzu rescue would come forward to pull her. But after only a week of her being in our home, we were completely in love and no one else had come forward to inquire about her.  So, for the second time it was a foster failure!  We adopted her and made her a permanent member of our family.  Sweetie Pie wasn’t in our home for 24 hours and she was acting completely different than she did at the Shelter.  She is a fun loving old girl who just wants to play for a little bit and snuggle for a long time.  Even though she is blind, she gets around the house great.  It took her just a couple of days to learn the house, now she gets along just as good as the other dogs. She may be 14 years and blind, but she is pretty much perfect and we love her just the way she is.  We will love her for as long she is
with us.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 6.25.17

Owner's Name: Jackie Vanweelden
Pet's Name: Titus (Ranger)
City: Vandalia, Ohio

Titus, who was ranger when at the shelter was very shy in his kennel. He had pottied in his kennel and just looked the other way. He had hair missing from his face so others saw and kept walking. Something drew us to him. We got him out and I sat down with him. He was scared but immediately melted into my arms. We have had him over a year now and his face has healed up and he is one of the best dogs we have ever had!!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 6.24.17

Owner's Name: Cathy & Keith Shockey
Pet's Name: Mia Marie
City: Jackson Center, Ohio

We came down to adopt a shepard puppy and found little Mia instead. She was 12 weeks old, all ears and huge eyes. She is colored like our Karma. They let her out of her crate and she ran right up to us, wagged her tail and then ran over to another crate and put her front paw through the bars and tipped over the food so she could eat it! She has been dubbed "The Empress" of our family. She's so smart and funny. Don't know what we'd do without her. We feel so lucky to be her family!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 6.24.17

Owner's Name: The Sharp Family
Pet's Name: Alvin
City: Sidney, Ohio

We volunteer at the shelter so we see many we want to take home, but when we fostered Alvin he won our heart's. Life would not be the same without him. A dog to us is a family member and brings happiness to us.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 6.24.17

Owner's Name: Mike & Angie Wagner
Pet's Name: Diva
City: Anna, Ohio

After our family dog of 11 years died at the end of December, we knew we wanted another dog right away. We adopted our last two dogs from shelters and knew we'd do the same with this one. We were just browsing the shelter's website and my 8 year old son fell in love with Diva!  We went to look at her the following day and the day after that, she was ours.

She was a very timid dog. She slept all the time when we first got her. She had horrible separation anxiety when we would leave.  You could tell she has never had a secure and stable living situation.

Fast forward to now, 6 months later. She's so happy. She loves going on car rides, playing outside, chasing the barn cats & fits into our family so well. We've had her almost 7 months and she's only barked 1 time. We aren't sure if it's just her personality or if she was punished for barking with her previous owner. Regardless, she's very gentle and always wanting to please her owners!

We kept her shelter name of Diva and let me tell you, she lives up to that name! She likes everything a certain way and will politely tell you when it's not right ;)

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 6.24.17

Owner's Name: Dawn Grieshop
Pet's Name: Ekko
City: Sidney, Ohio

I adopted Ekko in November. She is a great dog! I am enjoying playing fetch with her and training her. She loves to cuddle at night!!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 6.22.17

Owner's Name: Collier
Pet's Name: Wilbur
City: Columbus, Ohio

My husband and I were looking for a "brother" for our dog Leroy and when we saw Wilbur we knew we had found the perfect match. Wilbur and Leroy love playing with each other and chasing each other around the house.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 1.23.17

Owner's Name: Joanna Wooddell
Pet's Name: Ava
City: Troy, Ohio

We lost our beloved dog Annie of 14 years at the end of November. After her passing, we had no intention of getting another dog until at least spring or summer but, just one short week later this girl found her way into our lives and very soon after she found her way into our hearts. Ava was our unexpected Christmas blessing and the dog we didn't realize we needed. She has brought so much love and joy back into our home and we couldn't be more thankful for our sweet new girl!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 1.16.17

Owner's Name: Doug & Tracy Goins
Pet's Name: Lacy (AKA Taffy)
City: Sidney, Ohio

We lost our other dog last year after two bouts of cancer. Even though we have our eleven year old minpin, we miss our other dog.  So I saw that you were doing a pet adoption event on Saturday the 14th.  Tracy went there and it was love at first sight for Lacy.  We love her so much already.  Even though she is a medium size dog she believes she is a lap dog!  We look forward to many years of walks and love with our new fur baby.  Thank you again.

SCARF Happy Tail



Happy Tail 9.29.16

Owner's Name: Brenda May
Pet's Name: Chico
City: Mercer, Pennsylvania

Chico has adapted very well. I initially was going to get him a new collar as I didn't think his "bad to the bone" collar fit him but as time goes on it is appropriate :-) His personality has unfolded and he can be a bit bossy at times and warns the other animals but nothing serious. He really makes us laugh. I have found that he likes to play w/toys even at his age and can be quite playful. He is completely housetrained and will bark when he wants out and in. Our other rat terrier Paco (14yrs) and him have really bonded. When he was at the vets Paco was beside himself until I picked Chico up that evening. I have never seen Paco so excited to see any of the other dogs. They can be found sleeping beside each other on the bed during the night. I fondly call them our Terrier Twin Terrors.

We really couldn't have asked for a better fit in our home. I am so glad that I "accidentally" came across him on facebook~~but I don't believe it was an accident~~it was meant to be. Again, thanks for all your patience and help in getting this little old man home to PA.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 7.26.16

Owner's Name: Poskarbiewicz Family
Pet's Name: Red
City: Euclid, Ohio

I just wanted to say thank you for taking such great care of the animals!  My son and I drove 4 hours one way on April 1st to adopt "Red".  I wanted to send you pictures of how he looks now :)  All your hard work is appreciated by humans and animals!

We named him Cooper and he has a Vizsla brother named Odie.  They love keeping each other company.

Thanks again!
Poskarbiewicz Family

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 6.22.16

Owner's Name: Stiles Family
Pet's Name: Stubs
City: Russell Point, Ohio

We adopted the bobtail Siamese Fia from the shelter last week.  She was a bit testy at first but coming along quite nicely.  We wanted to rename her something elegant but Stubs seemed to be the best fit.  Just wanted to say thanks, she will be just fine.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 5.31.16

Owner's Name: Nicholas
Pet's Name: Jenny
City: Coldwater, Ohio

It has been a year since we first fell in love with Jenny and brought her home.  How she has grown and what a happy, playful cat she has been.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 5.16.16

Owner's Name: Oswalt Family
Pet's Name: Olivier
City: New Weston, Ohio

Oliver seems to be very happy at his new home. He loves to play with the new toy we got him. Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to add a new member to our family. He is being well taken a care of.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 5.16.16

Owner's Name: Sloan Family
Pet's Name: MJ
City: Sidney, Ohio

I think it's safe to say MJ (formerly Zippy) has made herself quite comfortable! She is literally the best pup I've had. Not one accident in the house, she plays so well with her doggy siblings, and everyone absolutely adores her!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 4.22.16

Owner's Name: Jason and Cindi
Pet's Name: Luka
City: Fairborn, Ohio

We adopted "Charlie" now renamed Luka from the Shelby County Animal shelter in January 2016 and brought her home. Despite some slight anxiety issues Luka is doing great!  We have began working with a professional dog trainer (who we have used in the past) for obedience and off leash training. Luka is a great addition to our family and we think she likes us too!  Thank you to the Shelby County Animal Shelter and all of its volunteers and donations for making our adoption happen!!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 3.29.16

Owner's Name: The Sullenberger Family
Pet's Name: Brutus
City: Sidney, Ohio

We adopted Brutus, the dog formerly known as Ringo, from the Shelby County Animal Shelter the day before Thanksgiving last year. He is a pit mix, about 4.5 years. When we got him, the shelter told us he had been there longer than any other dog. He was sort of thin, had a couple of ticks, and a couple of "hot spots."  We spent nearly $100 at the pet store before we even brought him home. Brutus would not touch any toys we bought him. It took him a few weeks, but now he plays with his toys. His favorite is a braided rope. We appreciate the fact that he doesn't chew on anything but his stuff. Brutus is pretty spoiled at our house. He is a nearly 75 pound lap dog. He gives wonderful hugs. We swear that he smiles as well. Brutus is great with our kids, and any guests we have. We are very glad we checked out the Shelby County Animal Shelter. Thank you so much for the addition to our family.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 3.28.16

Owner's Name: Melissa Wolfe
Pet's Name: Baxter
City: Sidney, Ohio

We were nervous about adopting because we had never had a dog before. However, Baxter was a perfect fit for us! He is so well behaved, NOT aggressive at all and was already potty trained when we adopted him. He loves to get belly rubs and greets us happily when we come through the door. We couldn't have known the joy he would bring us. Thank you SCARF!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 3.09.16

Owner's Name: Joe & Nicole Laber
Pet's Name: Shirley
City: Troy, Ohio

One year ago today, I picked up a very sick cat from the Vet to foster for the Shelby County Animal Shelter.  The poor thing had only one tooth, several wounds from a fight, was severely underweight, and was so sick the Vet had inserted a feeding tube for her to receive her nutrition.  For two days, I either fed her or gave her water through this tube as well as made sure she got her many medications.  This included throughout the night.  Thankfully the tube was able to be removed quickly and she began to eat soft food with the help of a large syringe.  From there, Shirley quickly gained strength and weight.  However, there was a long battle ahead to get her fully healthy.  What we didn’t realize at the time was that she was an older girl, at least 10, and that she was cranky.  She really doesn’t like any of our other pets and doesn’t like anyone except me to come close to her.  She also only likes me to pet her in certain places and makes her displeasure very well k nown if you don’t do it right.  We also quickly learned that she didn’t like to use her litter box.  Instead we spread puppy pads on the floor of our spare bathroom and she uses those.  As she recovered, we also found out that she is diabetic which meant she would need medication and a special diet.  So many problems for one poor cat.

However, as time went on I fell completely in love with Shirley.  We already had three pets so my intention was to still try to find her a new loving forever home.  But as time went on we realized that was going to be very difficult.  After several months of no leads, my husband and I decided to officially adopt her.  And now I can’t imagine our home without her.  So, even though Shirley is an old, cranky, diabetic cat who won’t use a litter box, she is mine and I love her dearly.  I want to thank all of SCARF’s supporters for their donations, because without them Shirley would not have been given a second chance at the happy, comfortable life she deserves!  And thank you to the Shelter staff that didn’t give up on her even though she looked pretty rough when she came in!  What a difference one year can make - a picture of her when she came to us and a picture today!.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 3.03.16

Owner's Name: Voress Family
Pet's Name: Jingles
City: New Bremen, Ohio

"Who would want to adopt THAT dog?" Thank you to the person who said this and kept walking. Jingles, however, is one fantastic dog!
His story starts at the beginning when he was picked up as a stray and was missing patches of hair and was a little thin. Our family was asked by a SCARF member to foster him as they thought he had a good allergy and the vet said the worst place for him was concrete.  We picked him up in July and he had been the sweetest, well behaved dog! He had manners, was house broken (more so than my own children some days), crate trained, and most importantly, he was laid back. He cared less about our dog who, at first, did not care for a friend. He rolled with the punches with 2 rowdy boys in the house. He curled up with anyone he could and just wanted to be around us!

As a foster, our plan was to get him healthy and take him back to the shelter to find a forever home. When we dropped him off with the SCARF member (we couldn't take him to the shelter, we were a little attached by this point), we all shed tears. Jingles did not adjust well in those 5 days he was there and was miserable! We went to visit once and he played with our youngest son like his long lost friend! We missed him so much, we returned to officially adopt him.

We could not imagine life without Jingles. He is such a sweetheart and is so well behaved.
So, to answer that original question someone asked as they went through the animal shelter, we do!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 2.18.16

Owner's Name: H. Family
Pet's Name: Scruffy
City: Fort Loramie, Ohio

After abruptly losing our last dog several months before, my teenage boys finally started asking about looking for new member of the family. She was a large, outside pet and we knew that due to changes in our lifestyle an inside dog was a must but this would be a whole new experience for us. After looking at many online animal rescue websites and area county animal shelter websites for months, we found ‘Shaggy’ at the Shelby County Animal Shelter. Due to several surgeries generously paid for by SCARF, he had not had a bath in quite a while so he was a little stinky and looked pretty rough. However, he was a friendly and happy little guy, following the inmate worker around the shelter helping with his daily chores and all it took was one picture for my boys to say, “Let’s get him!” We renamed him Scruffy and since bringing him home we can’t imagine life without him. He fit into our family immediately, my boys and their friends enjoy playing all sorts of games with him and after my day is done we always enjoy a snuggle before bed. He loves playing with his toys, watching the squirrels outside and my boys call him ‘mini me’ because he loves to follow me around the house. He is a blessing and our family thanks SCARF and the Shelby County Animal Shelter for taking such wonderful care of him before he came to us. Thank you.

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 2.8.16

Owner's Name: The Allen Family
Pet's Name: Chester
City: Sidney, Ohio

Meet Chester, the kitty we adopted at SCARF'S Pet Adoption event at PetValu on 02/06/16. He was named Tron, but my little boy quickly changed that. ;)  He is adjusting to family life with little trouble, and we couldn't be more in love or happier that he came home with us. Thank you SCARF for all you do for the animals of Shelby County!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 2.1.16

Owner's Name: Cara Morrow
Pet's Name: Hume
City: Findlay, Ohio

Hume/Clutch found his new love baby Nina...what a great glad I adopted him from you all!

SCARF Happy Tail


Happy Tail 1.25.16

Owner's Name: Jason and Shelby
Pet's Name: Barley
City: Jackson Center, Ohio

Hello! My name is Barley! I was found about a year and a half ago and was brought to the shelter where I immediately began to look for a good sucker…I mean human. I used my charms and conned a nice young couple into taking me home with them. Their plan was for me to be a companion for their other former shelter dog, Porter, and to be protective over Shelby (now Mom) when she was home alone.
Boy did I fool them. I do like Porter, but I like his food more. Porter and I really enjoy laying on the bed and barking and growling at each other. As for protection, I haven’t met anybody I don’t like. And I love car rides. I’ll get in the car with anybody. I’ve even tried to get in the car with total strangers, like the mailman, but he wouldn’t take me for a ride. (I like the FedEx man more, he brings treats!) I do work hard to make sure my humans are protected from toads, cats (Porter says we don't like them), leaves, and other scary things like Christmas trees.

SCARF Happy Tail

My humans nominated me for SCARF’s Top Dog Contest. Mom said I won. I got to have a photoshoot and mom showed me a calendar that had my picture on the cover and took me to walk in a parade. I feel that if I won and I am the Top Dog like she said I am, I should be able to eat anything I want...including the extra wedding cake samples that I stole off the kitchen table last week. Dad said that isn’t helping my diet. I don’t know what a “diet” is, but I don’t think I like the idea of it.
Anywho, I hope the other shelter dogs find homes like mine where they get to sleep next to their humans every night on the bed...even if my snoring does wake them up at night. I certainly love my humans!


Happy Tail 1.19.16

Owner's Name: Taylor
Pet's Name: Toby
City: Sidney, Ohio

A few summers back I lost my kitten & went through a depression. I was alone. My mom went down to the animal shelter in Sidney and picked out a kitten for me. He's a happy cat now.

SCARF Happy Tail



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