About us

Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation: Established July 2012

The mission of SCARF is to raise funds to support the Shelby County Animal Shelter in safe adoptions, education & community outreach concerning abused and neglected animals, medical procedures, eliminating euthanasia of adoptable animals, and maintaining best practices. Funds raised are used for the Shelter to provide an inviting, comfortable, and safe environment for our furry friends, volunteers, and potential adopters giving a forever home!


We are a 501c3 non-profit ALL volunteer organization.
FEI# 46-0600682.


Dominique Christman – President (Financial Advisor, Edward Jones)Julie Ehemann – Vice President (Shelby County Commissioner)Sarah Schmitz – Secretary (US Bank Branch Manager, Botkins)
Shelby Gibbs & Sarah Schmitz – Co-Treasurers
(Financial Analyst, Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. & US Bank Branch Manager, Botkins)


Sheriff, Jim Frye
Dog Warden, Deputy Chastity Crowder

Board/Assoc./Jr. Members

Board Members
Deb Prater – Vice President, Kirk NationaLease
Becky Kubichek – Retired from Emerson Climate Technologies
Carl Bowersock – Retired from Honda
Kacy Murray – Dickman/Electro Controls
Pattie Armstrong – Realtor, Broker’s Real Estate
Kenna Armstrong- Realtor, Broker’s Real Estate


Junior Members
Aaron Simpson – Anna High School
Blaine Simpson – Anna High School

Past Board/Jr. Members

Past Board Members
Bill Ragon
Brittany McGuire
John Scheu
Karen Wise
Benji Breinich
Bob Baird
Cinda McAlexander
Joe Laber
Nicole Laber
Chastity Crowder
Tami Boyer
Traci Milanese
Erica Blanford


Past Junior Board Members
Nathan Johnson
Kelton Moore
Cameron Bowersock
Ashleigh Jurosic

SCARF Founders

Founding Board Members
Eric Barr, President
Joe Laber, Vice President
Nicole Laber, Secretary
Cheri Dalton, Treasurer
Julie Ehemann
Ruth Ann Laber
Emily Scheu
John Scheu
Rob Thorne