PEP! Education

PEP! (Pet Education Project)

PEP! The Pet Education Project is an education and outreach program that teaches the core responsibilities of pet ownership. We strive to foster humane habits in youth and citizens of our community in order to reduce pet overpopulation, abuse, neglect, and euthanasia. By educating Shelby County’s youth on the skills of responsibility, empathy, and compassion, we can reduce the number of pets that end up in Shelters. PEP! is changing the world for animals, one kid at a time! Our PEP! Team is looking forward to helping the youth in our community learn these core animal welfare traits and turning them into “animal heroes”.

SCARF is so EXCITED to be bringing PEP! to Shelby County!

Would you like to be a member of the PEP! Squad? Contact us for volunteer opportunities.