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  • Cans for Canines
    Shelby County Animal Shelter
    Saturday March 5th
    9 am - 11 am
Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation Events
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Cans for Canines

Print out the flyer here   Cans for Canines



2016 Top Dogs Calendar SALE $5


Top Dog Calendars 2016 


Calendar SALE $5
Shelby County Animal Shelter
Ron & Nita's
Alvetro Orthodontics


$3 Shipping and Handling fee.



Amazon Smile

SCARF Shopping with Amazon Smile

Shopping with Amazon Smile helps us care for the pets at the Shelby Country Animal Shelter. 


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We are listed as Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation.


SCARF will receive 0.5% of all Amazon purchases.



Earn Three Cents A Day Towards Our Mission

Welzoo donation

Here is a way you can donate money to SCARF without losing any of your own money! It's called Welzoo, and once you're signed up, it begins sending three cents a day to SCARF on your behalf. How does it work? By making your home page. That just means it's going to be the first website you see when you go online. The reason: You'll naturally reach it everyday. Welzoo then automatically donates 3 cents to SCARF. You pay nothing! When you are signed in, Welzoo is like a portal to another site. They will show you a website based on your interests that you select during sign up. And Welzoo does not track what you do online since they are simply your start up page, not a browser or search engine. Here is your link to get started....just choose Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation as your charity! 




SCARF Walk for a Dog WookTrax App





SCARF Kroger RewardsShop, Save & HELP!
Register your Kroger Plus Card
and whenever your card is used
a percentage will be sent to SCARF
each quarter.


If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card,
please visit the in store customer service desk at any Kroger store.


To register, please sign in at & click on sign in/register.


If your card is not registered online, now is the time to do so!

(You will receive coupons in the mail!)


Once your card is registered online sign up with the Community Rewards Program using our assigned number 84759. You will then see our name for confirmation.




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Thanks to our partnership with, SCARF now has a great way for you to save money while helping us provide a safe environment for our animals!


SCARF GoodShop


When you use to access any of 5,000+ retailers online, ranging from Old Navy to Walmart , Goodshop will donate up to 20% of what you spend to SCARF.


That means whether you buy gifts from Sundance Catalog or use any of Goodshop’s coupons for a deal on Toshiba laptops, you will be raising money that will help us educate our community about abused and neglected animals!


Remember to signup and select Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation - SCARF as your cause to start giving back. Best, it doesn't cost you a penny!





SCARF Cars for Causes

Donate Your Car, Boat, RV
or Motorcycle to Help Pets in Need!

Click here to donate.


PAWSitive Happenings

Thank you for visiting the Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation website! We raise funds to support the Shelby County Animal Shelter in safe adoptions, education & community outreach concerning abused and neglected animals, medical procedures, eliminating euthanasia of adoptable animals, and maintaining best practices.

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